Variable Data Printing


What is “Variable Data Printing”?

Variable data printing (also known as personalized printing or one-to-one marketing) offers a customized, targeted encounters with prospective customers.  In a nutshell, it automates the direct mail process so that each direct mail piece can look as if it’s been expressly designed and printed for a single person.  VDP has been shown to dramatically increase response rates.

It is an ideal solution for direct-mail pieces, promotional flyers, event promotions, or any other type of product where you want to speak “directly” to your individual customer, even if it’s just making the piece  use of their first name.

How is each piece targeted and relevant to the recipient?

You can mix and match images and messaging to make your direct mail more personal and relevant to each recipient – which in turn, increases the measurable responses and ultimately, rate of return. The opportunities to provide different offers based on targeted, personally relevant data are endless.

By combining digital full-color printing with variable data printing, you can actually customize each print piece in a way that appears seamless.  Look at the above sample postcard.  As you can see, we used the same postcard layout for the entire campaign and depending if it was being mailed to a male, female or a couple the information changed.  We changed the picture, color, image, name, offer and website address.  Variable data printing is only limited by your imagination.